The State We're In

We live in a state where people don’t go to church,
because their god is the money that comes from the jobs where they work.
So they live, each and every day to get paid,
so they can purchase distractions from their soul that's enslaved.
People smile, but inside everybody is depressed.
So they search for answers so long as it is not Jesus
Second job, second wife, second family, second life.
Because, they believe that the first one didn't do the trick.
The grass is greener over there with tons of flowers they can pick.
Then they find out soon, every earthly field is the same.
The problem is not the ground, so what else can they blame.
I know, lets blame the other politician,
Because theirs didn’t win the world is in this chaotic condition.
If only they could get theirs in everything would be better.
Their happiness would be restored, we’d move past this stormy weather.
People wouldn’t hate, and poverty would wash away.
There’d be no more addiction, or traffic on the highway.  
The virus would be gone and we’d be safe and sound once more.
But those anti-vaccers are ruining our chance to win this war.
Why is there still hate, and why am I inside a hater.
Why is pain and suffering a thing when our policies are better?
And church, don’t pretend like we sometimes don’t think the same.
Like our savior is some politician who will wipe away our shame.
Don’t forget, that’s exactly why the they rejected Jesus;
Because He didn’t wield a sword and overthrow those who oppress.
Now back to my state and the state that it is in.
They wonder why peace and love and hope is not within.
They’ve tried everything, and then they tried a little more.
Pills, whiskey, love affairs, and internet porn.
Yet still, the hole inside does not get any smaller.
And it never will, even if they spend their every dollar.
Because, simply put, they’ve been sold a bill of goods
From the culture, you can try and blame Hollywood.
But that is not the source, the problem runs much deeper.
The virus that we fight is not a headline or a feature.
It does not begin with "C" or end with "OVID-19"
It begins with "S" and ends with “IN” and can’t be cured with a vaccine.
The irony of it all, is the cure has long been free
Because Jesus took it all on a hill called Calvary.
For two thousand years now we’ve had the answers that we seek.  
Available to anyone, not just those who speak old greek.
The Bible has be translated into any language that we need.
So we can share with anyone we encounter on the street.
I love my state, but I’m not happy with the state it’s in.
Leading them to Jesus is the only way that we all win.
Reclaim, it’s our job to help God reclaim His people.
But the only way this happens is if we are light beyond our steeple.
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