RCC Students

Growing up in life and in faith.

RCC Students exists to help students find and follow Jesus.

At Reclaim, we care deeply about the next generation. We care that they would know Jesus, and that their connection with God through Jesus would become the single greatest influence in their lives . We know that more important than making a better world for the next generation is making a better next generation for our world. Knowing this, our aim is to help students know what they believe, why they believe, and how to live out those believes in their lives.

Wednesday Youth Group

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Our Wednesday night youth group provides a safe environment for students to build relationships with one another, engage with Biblical teaching, and participate in group discipleship. 

RCC Students Guiding Values

We make every effort
1. To work along side parents to promote discipleship and spiritual growth with their children.
2. To connect students with their church rather than segregating them from it.
3. To value each student as a gifted creation of God who has something to offer their church community.  

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