February Highlights

Reclaim U Presents: 

How to Read the Bible

"How to Read the Bible" is a class that covers the basic concepts of reading through and understanding Biblical literature. Literary type, historical context, place in the Biblical narrative, and many other factors all play a role in not just reading, but understanding the Bible. Join us in this class as we seek to not just be those with ears, but also those who hear and then do. Sign up at the Connect Center on Sunday morning, or click the sign up button below. 

Christmas Eve Eve Viewing Party

Maybe you were in the cast and therefore did not actually get to see the production. Maybe you were sick and could not attend. Maybe you just want to see it again. Whatever your reason. On the 6th of February we are having a viewing party after second service to watch Christmas Eve Eve's A Night to Remember production. 

Community Groups // Relaunch

This March @ Reclaim

While our newly structured community groups launch in March, we will be signing up all February. Here is how they will work:
  • We will have multiple groups that meet on various nights of the week, and the times will vary.
  • Each group will be hosted by a different person or family. 
  • Each group will have pre-selected a Biblical focus they will study together while they meet. 
  • The groups will meet from the first full week of March through the end of May.
  • While there will be mixed groups focused on Biblical topics, there will always be a men's & women's only group as well as a recovery group for those with habits hurts and hang ups. 
  • Some groups will meet in homes, others will meet at the church.
  • Each group will have a "kid friendly" summary on it's corresponding sign up sheet/form. 
  • Sign ups will be available with all of the group information beginning March 13th.
  • You will be able to sign up at the connect center, at ReclaimCC.com, or via our ReclaimCC mobile app. 

If you have questions, or are interested in hosting a group, please call the church at 203-726-0161.

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