May Highlights

May is going to be a fun month for us here at RCC. Here is what is coming up:

1. Refresh Day: On May 15th we are going to be beatifying our grounds and organizing our building with some Spring cleaning. There will be projects for every skill and ability level. After refreshing RCC we will share a meal together. Sign up at the Connect Center this Sunday or online at beginning 4/23.

2. Cafe Update: Check out our cafe this month for some new additions. First, as the air outside heats up our coffee will be cooling down. Iced Coffee is now available for purchase at the Reclaim Cafe. Second, for those of you that skipped breakfast in order to get to church on time, we have got you covered. Hot Jimmy Deans sandwiches, as well as cereal and milk will be available to satisfy your stomachs so you can be thinking about things other than lunch while you worship and serve. We are proud to have a cafe that is dedicated to serving our people and creating an environment for worship and fellowship.

3. Mother's Day: Celebrating moms is a big deal to us. Parents taking their role of raising up their children in faith is something that we always want to celebrate and support. We are celebrating Biblical motherhood this May 15th with a Mother's day family photo-booth. Moms, feel free to force the family to wear matching outfits if you'd like. Look for the family photo booth on May 15th at Reclaim.

4. Tools for Life Finale: For the last two Sundays of our Tools for Life Series we will be speaking about marriage. If you are single, don't worry, everything we will speak about can be applied to nearly all of your relationships. We want to celebrate marriage in big way this May though. We know that 2020 was a challenge for many married couples, this is why we are dedicating to weeks to speak into the heart of your marriage. This is also why we will be delivering a surprise twist to our service on May 23rd. In edition to the surprise twist we are inviting all married couples to dress up on May 23rd for a vow renewal service. A professional photo booth will be set up to capture this magic Sunday for you and your spouse. It is going to be an amazing celebration Sunday and we hope you will be a part of it! 

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