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November Highlights
by Breandan McTighe on November 4th, 2021
On Sunday November 7th we will be beginning a new series titled "How to Love." This will be a very practical series where we don't just unpack the what and why of love, but the how. In other words, we will be exploring practical ways of how to demonstrate love towards our families, church, and communities. Join us from Sunday to Sunday as we build this topic out. Our prayer is that at Reclaim, lov...  Read More
October Highlights
by Breandan McTighe on September 20th, 2021
Every Sunday through the month of October we are encouraging all Reclaim Christians to open up their homes and invite someone over for lunch. Or, get invited to someone's house for lunch! Can't make Sunday after church work? That's ok, have a Friday dinner instead! Just invite or be invited. Get to know some fellow Reclaim Christians a little better. CLOSER is an initiative based off of James 4:8 ...  Read More
July Highlights
by Breandan McTighe on July 8th, 2021
July is here, and that means summer is here. We are not a church that settles down in the summer. No, during the summer months, RCC comes alive! Here is what is going on this July:This is being published on July it is a bit pointless to tell you that July 4th is Americana Sunday...because it already happened. Just know this, if you missed out on Americana Sunday, then - well - you missed ...  Read More
May Highlights
by Breandan McTighe on April 20th, 2021
May is going to be a fun month for us here at RCC. Here is what is coming up:1. Refresh Day: On May 15th we are going to be beatifying our grounds and organizing our building with some spring cleaning.2. Cafe Update: Check out our cafe this month for some new additions. First, as the air heats up our coffee will be cooling down. Iced Coffee is now available for purchase at the Reclaim Cafe. Second...  Read More