July Highlights

July is here, and that means summer is here. We are not a church that settles down in the summer. No, during the summer months, RCC comes alive! Here is what is going on this July:

  • This is being published on July 8th...so it is a bit pointless to tell you that July 4th is Americana Sunday...because it already happened. Just know this, if you missed out on Americana Sunday, then - well - you missed out. It's ok, more fun and meaningful stuff is coming up!
    • This means that there will be games like corn hole, can jam, bocci ball, etc. as well as fun surprises every Sunday
  •  FRIENDS & FAMILY SUNDAY : July 18th 
    • What is friends and family Sunday you ask? It is an opportunity to invite your friends and family to join you at RCC. Yes, you can literally do that any Sunday, that is true. However, we like to give our church a little kick in the pants by dedicating a whole Sunday to inviting those in our lives to hear the greatest news ever told. We throw a carrot in their too by given you and any friends or family you bring for the first time a free drink at the cafe. 
    • Our next class is actually two parallel classes where we will explore the Biblical concepts of masculinity and femininity. These classes will be gender specific, meaning that men who sign up will be enrolled in the masculinity class and women who sign up will be in the femininity class. To learn more or to sign up check out this link: 
  • RECLAIM AT THE FAIR : July 25th
    • This is going to be a fun Sunday. First we will enjoy a great time of worship as well as preaching from a guest speaker on Acts 24. Then, we will have a blast enjoying the Reclaim Fair complete with a bounce house, petting zoo, games, and food. Invite your friends!
  • Sunday Sundaes : August 1st
    • Yes, we're talking bout August now, BUT it's the 1st of August, so it has a place in a July update. What is Sunday Sundaes? It's ice cream sundaes, on Sunday morning. It's going to be sweet: literally and figuratively. 

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